Francis Towne (1739 - 1816)
  • Landscape, perhaps of Cadair Idris
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Paul Oppé records; Bury


In the collection of Sir John Heathcoat Amory, Bt (1894–1972), in 1962.

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Sir John Heathcoat Amory (1894 - 1972), 1962
Adrian Bury, Francis Towne - Lone Star of Water-Colour Painting, Charles Skilton: London, 1962, p. 144


Bury describes two drawings of Cadair Idris in Sir John Heathcoat Amory’s collection, with (according to Agnew’s files) identical provenances: 

Two water-colours, one of the mountain in the distance and rolling ground in various shades of green and brown leading up to it, and the other a lane and big pine trees with Cader Idris behind. The first 14 x 12 in. [356 x 305 mm] and the second 14 x 8 in. [356 x 203 mm].1

The dimensions of neither fit well with those given by Oppé (see the Comment at FT080); whereas Bury was probably relying on second-hand information from the owner, Oppé made eyesight estimates. It is unclear which of Bury’s drawings is the one Oppé’s note describes, and it may be that the subject of one is not, in fact, Cadair Idris; certainly his mention of pine trees rings alarm bells. It is fairly clear, though, that two drawings did exist in 1962.

by Richard Stephens


  1. 1 Bury 1962, p.144.

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