Francis Towne (1739 - 1816)
  • Mynydd Mawr
  • Mynydd Mawr, ditto [i.e. Caernarvonshire]
Pen and ink, watercolour
  • image width 273mm,
  • image length 432mm
  • verso
  • “Mynydd Maur” and “1777”
Object Type

Mynydd Mawr
Catalogue Number
Description Sources
Agnew’s file; 1951 Exeter catalogue; Witt Library (image)


Bequeathed by the artist in 1816 to James White of Exeter (1744–1825), on whose death it passed to Towne’s residuary legatee John Herman Merivale (1779–1844) and his successors. Merivale’s great-grandson Major Anthony Hubert Gibbs (1874–1957) inherited the drawing and on 24 February 1938 sold it to Agnew’s (no.2641) for £25, where it was bought by Brodie of Brodie Castle for £39 18s. (on 23 February according to Agnew’s). It was in the possession of Violet Brodie in 1951 and since 1980 has been the property of the National Trust for Scotland at Brodie Castle.

Associated People & Organisations

National Trust for Scotland, 1980
Violet Brodie, 1951
Brodie Castle, National Trust Scotland, 23 February 1938, GBP 39 18s
Thomas Agnew & Sons, London, 24 February 1938, GBP 25, no.2641
Major Anthony Hubert Gibbs (1874 - 1957), 24 February 1938
James White (1744 - 1825), Exeter, 1816
John Herman Merivale (1779 - 1844), 1825
Exhibition History
[?] Exhibition of Original Drawings at the Gallery, No.20 Lower Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, 20 Lower Brook Street, 1805, no. 33 as 'Mynydd Mawr, ditto [ie Caernarvonshire]'
65th Annual Exhibition of Water Colour and Pencil Drawings, Thomas Agnew & Sons, 1938, no. 145
Three Exeter Artists of the Eighteenth Century: Francis Hayman RA, Francis Towne, John White Abbott, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, 1951, no. 33


Mynydd Mawr is a mountain on the edge of the lake of Llyn Cwellyn, on the west side of Snowdon and just north of Beddgelert. The lake is reached after passing through Pont Aberglaslyn (see Comment at FT086). Towne has depicted the stream at the head of Llyn Cwellyn at its northern end. This is one of four 1777 works showing the lake (FT091, FT092, FT093, FT094). Towne made an oil version of this view (FT590), which was probably exhibited in 1797.

by Richard Stephens

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