after Francis Towne
  • A Torrent
No date
  • image height 197mm,
  • image width 152mm
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Fine Art Society records


Measuring 7.75 x 6 in. (197 x 152 mm) and bought from Bernard Milling on 22 May 1946 by the Fine Art Society (no.4464) for £5. The Fine Art Society showed it in their 1947 winter Exhibition of Early English Water-Colours Recent Acquisitions (1947b Fine Art Society, no.108, “A Torrent 7¾ x 6in.”), again in the following spring (1948 Fine Art Society, no.122), and also in spring 1950 (1950 Fine Art Society, no.19), reducing the price from £31 10s. to £26 5s. The Milling provenance makes it very likely that this was a Merivale drawing.

Associated People & Organisations

The Fine Art Society, London, London, 22 May 1946, GBP 5, no.4464
Horace Bernard Milling (1898 - 1954)

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