Francis Towne (1739 - 1816)
  • Kenilworth Castle
No date
  • image height 210mm,
  • image width 279mm
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Spink records


The archive at Spink records a “Kenilworth Castle” measuring 8.25 x 11 in. (210 x 279 mm) being acquired by them on 9 April 1953 from J. H. Price of Portobello Road. Spink sold it on 28 April 1953 to H. M. Langton of Redcliffe Gardens, London, for £67 10s. On 9 April 1959 Langton sold the drawing back to Spink, where on 4 July 1960 it was sold for £150 to Arthur Owen Hollick of Leamington Spa (d.1974). Although the provenance would help fill the gaps in both FT757 and FT758, the dimensions given by Spink surely preclude this. Furthermore, this information was supplied in connection with 885, with which it cannot be linked. Nor can these have been sales of FT655, another Kenilworth sketch, as that was in the continuous ownership of J. Hawksley Elliot between 1948 and 1978. The identity of this other “Kenilworth” remains mysterious, therefore.

Associated People & Organisations

Arthur Owen Hollick, Leamington Spa, 6 July 1960, GBP 150
Spink & Son, London, London, 9 April 1959
H. M. Langton, London, 28 April 1953, GBP 67 10s
Spink & Son, London, London, 9 April 1953
J. H. Price (active 1955), London

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