Francis Towne (1739 - 1816)
  • Killerton
Pen and ink, watercolour
  • image width 300mm,
  • image length 390mm
  • artist's mount, verso
  • “A View, taken at Killerton Devonshire / the Seat of Sir Thomas Acland. Bart / by / Francis Towne. 1786.”
  • in brown ink
Object Type

A view taken at Killerton the Seat of Sir Thomas Acland, Bt
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Auction records (image)


Sold at Hampton & Littlewood of Exeter on 20 July 2005, lot 368, for £3,700 to the National Trust, the current owner. A note on the National Trust collections website (accessed 22 Dec 2011) states “note from Hugh Meller – The auctioneer tells me that the painting was owned by Mrs. Betty Bagwell, organist of Killerton Chapel or perhaps Broadclyst Parish Church, in the 1920s. She was given the watercolour by ? . . .” Given its subject, date, and ownership early in the twentieth century by someone associated with Acland estates, it seems safe to assume this was commissioned by Sir Thomas Dyke Acland or his wife.

Associated People & Organisations

Killerton House, Broadclyst, Exeter, 20 July 2005, GBP 3700, NT 921950
Hampton & Littlewood, Exeter, 20 July 2005
lot 368
Mrs Betty Bagwell
Noted as being in the collection of Mrs Betty Bagwell, organist of Killerton Chapel or perhaps Broadclyst Parish Church, in the 1920s.
Lady Henrietta Anne Acland (née Hoare) (1765 - 1841), Broadclyst, Exeter
[?] Sir Thomas Dyke Acland (1752 - 1794), Broadclyst, Exeter, 1786


This watercolour is based on a sketch dated 21 October 1785 (FT440). It is the earliest recorded watercolour commission that Towne received from the Aclands; that many further commissions followed suggests that its owners considered it a success.

by Richard Stephens

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