Francis Towne (1739 - 1816)
  • View of the Falls of the Cayne
No date
Oil on canvas
  • image width 1372mm,
  • image length 1676mm
Object Type
Oil painting

Catalogue Number
Description Sources
Exhibition catalogue; Towne’s letter of 1815
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Exhibition History
Works of British artists placed in the Gallery of the British Institution, Pall-Mall for exhibition and Sale, British Institution, 1815, no. 172 as 'View of the Fall of Cayne in Merionethshire, North Wales, measuring 1372 x 1676 mm, displayed in the South Room, East Side'
Timothy Wilcox, Francis Towne, Tate Publishing: London, 1997, p. 43


In a letter to James White dated March 1815 Towne mentioned these two pictures, then on view at the British Institution:

The Exhibition of Pictures at the British Gallery is now open to the Publick I have two Pictures in it, the one is a view near Whitestone looking towards the River Exe, the other is the Fall of the Cayne in Merionethshire, both of which you have seen; tho’ not since they have been finished.

Towne visited North Wales in 1777 and the view of the Cayne falls is surely based on a sketch he made then (FT078). The 1815 exhibit cannot have been shown at the Royal Academy in 1798 (FT598), as by 1815 the British Institution had banned the repeat showing of pictures.

by Richard Stephens

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